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Concrete Materials Product #100 Description Color: Tan to light brown Shape: Subangular to rounded Size: US Sieve #4 to #200 Weight: Approx. 1.4 tons per loose cubic yard Source: Corson Sand Plant, Corson SD Available at: Corson Sand Plant, Corson SD, Madison St. Distribution Yard, Siuox Falls SD Applications Fine aggregate in Portland Cement Concrete Drainage/filtration med


Standard Construction Specifications Division 40 – Asphalt Surfacing Revised 11/08 SECTION 40.02 SEAL COAT Article 2.1 Description The Work under this Section consists of the performance of all Work required for the construction of a seal coat of asphalt cement and cover aggregate on RAP, strip-paved, and gravel surfaces. Article 2.2 Asphalt

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Section 902. AGGREGATES 902.01. General Requirements. The Department may re-inspect and retest aggregates regardless of inspection at the producing plant. Provide safe access to the material for sampling from haul units or stockpiles. Do not use spent metal casting foundry sand, unless the contract expressly allows for its use.

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Aggregates used for stone matrix asphalt mixtures are required to meet the requirements of AS aggregates in accordance with Section 904.03 (a). These requirements include testing with the Micro-Deval abrasion apparatus (AASHTO T 327) and determination of the aggregate

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Additionally, the maximum aggregate size can be influential in compaction and lift thickness determination. Gradation Specifications. Superpave mix design specifies aggregate gradation control points, through which aggregate gradations must pass. These control points are very general and are a starting point for a job mix formula. Aggregate ...


Aggregate size and lift thickness are inseparable. All mix selections should allow for at least 4 times the nominal maximum aggregate size for the desired lift thickness. This means 9.5mm aggregate surfaces should be a minimum of 1-1/2"thick. Please consult with the Maryland Asphalt Association for guidance in specifying the proper superpave

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aggregate content is usually 35% to 45% by mass or volume of the total aggregate content. CHARACTERISTICS OF AGGREGATES. The important characteristics of aggregates for concrete are listed in Table 5-2 and most are discussed in the following section: Grading. Grading is the particle-size distribution of an aggregate as

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Jun 24, 2019· A hot mix asphalt (HMA), which is typically used for roads and parking lots, is as much as 95 percent asphalt aggregate by weight. The majority of aggregate in the mix is usually coarse, or large in size, followed by crushed stone and gravel. The remaining aggregate is composed of fillers, such as …

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Concrete Materials offers the highest quality selection of rock, sand and gravel. We wash and grade many of our aggregate products to meet appropriate specifications. One of our most unique high-quality aggregates: quartzite. Check out the individual listings below for product details!

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Jan 14, 2019· This hot asphalt mix is the most common mix used because it can provide great impermeable characteristics allowing water to run away from the surface area. The name comes from the aggregate size used while mixing the raw materials to produce the asphaltic composition.

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Apr 18, 2011· How to Use Aggregate in Asphalt Sealcoating ... For example, two coats of a sealer will dry approximately 11 to 13 mils thick. The size of the aggregate particles, therefore, should be …

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703.04 Aggregate for Asphalt Concrete Base (301 and 302). A. Provide coarse aggregate for asphalt concrete base used in combination with rigid pavement consisting of CCS, gravel, or crushed ACBFS. Provide coarse aggregate for asphalt concrete base used in flexible pavements consisting of CCS, gravel, or crushed air-cooled slag.


The effects of aggregate type, size, and content on the behavior of normal and high-strength concrete, and the relationships between compressive strength, flexural strength, and fracture energy are discussed. The concrete mixtures incorporate either basalt or crushed limestone, aggregate sizes of 12 mm ('h in.) or 19 mm (:Y. in.), and

Provide coarse aggregate free of coatings of clay and silt. Do not add soil materials such as clay, loam, or silt to compensate for a lack of fines in the aggregate. Do not blend overburden soil into the aggregate. Feed each material or size of material from an individual storage unit at a uniform rate.

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Factors to consider when selecting aggregate including size, shape and color considerations. HOW TO DECIDE MAXIMUM SIZE OF COARSE AGGREGATE TO . For the same strength or workability, concrete with large size aggregate will require lesser quantity of cement than concrete with a smaller size aggregate. In a mass concrete work the use of larger ...

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face area of the aggregate are important factors in fixing the asphalt requirement. Sur-face area is a function of aggregate size and size range. The larger the aggregate size, the smaller is the surface area for a given weight or volume of aggregate. In dense-graded aggregates, the major portion of the surface area occurs in the fine ag-

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Concrete Materials Product #221 SD Size #1 SD Size #1A ASTM C-33 Size #57 Description Color: Tifton Pink (pink, light red, light purple) Shape ... Aggregate & Asphalt. 3/4" x #4 (ASTM C33 #67) Concrete Materials Product #221 SD Size #1 SD Size #1A ASTM C-33 Size #57. Description.

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SP/SP23:051014 FOR HOTMIX ASPHALT WEARING COURSE SURFACING Page 2 of 18 The Job Mix Formula (JMF) is the combined aggregate particle size distribution and total binder content that is chosen by the Contractor and produces a HMA that complies with the criteria specified in Table 2. 2.7 Mix Control Envelope

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– Size evenly distributed from smallest to largest size (well-graded) • Open-Graded (or Uniformly-Graded) Friction Course (OGFC) – Primarily coarse aggregate with few fines • Stone Mastic (Matrix) Asphalt (SMA) – Mid-size aggregate missing or reduced Stone Matrix Asphalt Open Graded Friction Course Dense Mix


The asphalt/binder content in percent is calculated by the following formula: W1 - (W2 + W3) Asphalt/Binder Content, % = W1 X 100 Where: W1 = weight (mass) of sample, g W2 = weight (mass) of extracted aggregate, g W3 = weight (mass) of fines in extracted solvent and water rinse, g 10.2.4 USING A VACUUM EXTRACTOR WITH FIBERS.

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CONVENTIONAL ASPHALT MIX DESIGN. Asphaltic Concrete Asphaltic concrete is a mixture of Coarse Aggregate Fine aggregate Mineral filler and ... the voids between aggregates of larger size Fuller suggested a value of 0.5 for x However, a value of 0.45 for x is being used in Superpave gradations.

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Q7: What maximum aggregate size should I specify for my project? A7: Asphalt lift thickness may dictate aggregate size. Minimum paving thickness is two times the maximum aggregate size. A 3/4" aggregate is the most versatile aggregate size and most commonly specified aggregate (both in wear and non-wearing courses).

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4 Aggregate Specifications and Requirements Physical Quality Requirements Fine Aggregates ... absorptive aggregates because extra water and cement or asphalt is needed to make a good mix. However, some aggregates, such as blast furnace ... laminated rock of clay-size minerals 4) Limonite -- iron oxide ranging in color from brown to black ...


WORKSHEET FOR SUPERPAVE ASPHALT CONCRETE MIX DESIGN . Project: Date: Contractor: Nominal Maximum Aggregate Size, : Asphalt supplier: Grade of asphalt: Sources for: Aggregates: Mineral filler: Testing laboratory name: Phone: Testing performed by: Testing reported by: English . Metric . SUMMARY OF THE PROPOSED JOB-MIX-FORMULA