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GEHO® piston and piston diaphragm pumps are designed and manufactured for slurry, paste and tailings applications. These hard working pumps can handle a range of applications including mine dewatering and backfill; tailings disposal; autoclave, gasifier, digester and reactor feed types; and long distance slurry pipelines of ores and minerals.

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May 19, 2016· Fill of one form or another has been used more or less throughout the history of mining. It is used to fill underground voids where the ore has been extracted, either to provide a working platform from which the next slice of or can be extracted, ...

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One option is to consider paste disposal for surface stacking and backfill. As the mining industry is typically conservative in adapting new technology, operators unfamiliar with paste are concerned regarding the applicability of dewatering technology for their operations/project, including technical and operational risk associated with newer ...

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approximate impact of backfill on dewatering strategies, and; 3) The environmental benefits of backfill mining. The differences in mine drainage strategies are supported bv case histories from various mines. INTRODUCTION Most of the ore recovery in underground mines on the Zambian Copper Belt has been

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Study of Tailings Management Technologies MEND Report 2.50.1 This work was done on behalf of the Mine Environment Neutral Drainage (MEND) Program and sponsored by: The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) and MEND October 2017


BACKFILL CHAIR D Stone, Minefill Services Inc., USA 15:50 Garpenberg mine – 10 years of mining with paste backfill C Eriksson, A Nyström, Boliden Mines, Sweden 16:10 Harvesting tailings from an active tailings storage facility: success and challenges, Frog's Leg mine, Evolution Mining V Gopalakrishnan, Evolution Mining, Australia; T Nester,

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It can be placed in stopes with or without binder addition depending on the strength requirements for backfill. Improved pumping technology, environmental concerns, and the need for a low cost/high strength fill in mines, are driving mine operators to consider paste backfill as a tailings management and mine backfill alternative.

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Dewatering Backfill Mining How. Mining Wassara . The mining business is in great need of new drilling solutions that meet drainage, backfill) Open pit mining. Application of Cyclone Technology in Paste Backfill System Design. dewatering ability and paste backfill strength. dewatering rates and decrease the required A leadzinc mine with a mining ...

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Weir Minerals provide mines around the world with sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the management, disposal and recycling of mining waste. We are a trusted name in scalable tailings management and global leaders in the use of mine waste as products, such as construction materials and backfill.

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Mineflex High Pressure Dewatering Hose. Mineflex is an extra tough, abrasion resistant hose ideal for pumping of heavy solids over aggressive mining terrain. Aquaflex. Aquaflex is designed for mine dewatering under high pressures and is ideal for long distance water. Mineflex Oil & Gas.

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Mining with backfill is a requirement in the industry as it is an important aspect of many mining methods and is a solution to many rock stability issues. When a mine plans to use backfill there are a number of considerations to be made with regards to type …

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require dewatering facilities in the stopes. Paste fills typically have solids concentration greater than 70% by mass, contain binders and little or no water drains from the backfill after placement. This paper presents a rational design approach for backfill distribution systems by considering the backfill …

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Underhand cut and fill mining methods are used at the Lucky Friday, Stillwater, and Galena mines in the western US in an effort to safely mine in difficult ground conditions and as a primary mining method where access below the ore is limited. The method has evolved at each mine to meet the unique situations associated with their milling procedure


dewatering system is effective in soils constituted primarily of sand fraction or other soil ... screen (casing) has been installed it is surrounded by backfill over the unperforated pipe length and with graded filter material over the perforated length as the outer casing progressively withdrawn (Fig 9.10). As with the shallow wells the ...

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Paterson & Cooke Mine Backfill Services Paterson & Cooke Paterson & Cooke is a recognised leader in the design and implementation of mine backfill systems and associated processes. Since its formation in 1991, Paterson & Cooke has consistently provided technologically advanced systems for projects located throughout the world.

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Mine Backfill. Engineered Products. Contact. About. Quattro. People. Projects. Back to Case Studies. Back to Case Studies. Back to Case Studies. Back to Case Studies. Water Backfill Infrastructure Vent. Dewatering EPC Dewatering EPC Dewatering EPC Dewatering EPC . Degussa Mine (WA) Degussa Mine (WA) Degussa Mine (WA) Degussa Mine (WA) Site ...

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The new paste thickener provides ease of operation and reliability for applications requiring a high degree of dewatering, such as minerals tailings, mine backfill, and pre-leach and counter current decantation circuits, according to the company.

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This paper deals with: 1) The impacts caused by open stoping and sub-level caving in comparison to backfilling methods; 2) The approximate impact of backfill on dewatering strategies, and; 3) The environmental benefits of backfill mining. The differences in mine drainage strategies are supported by case histories from various mines.

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Introduction . Traditionally, backfill has been produced from one source—the milled waste ore from the mineral extraction plant. This fine material has been, and still is, the preferred source of backfill material although milling technology has resulted in a finer tailings product and backfilling has moved from cyclone classified tailings to full plant tailings and higher solids ...

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Landfill and backfill technology Outotec paste technology is a modern way to handle and store tailings from mine operations in a more environmentally sustainable way. Outotec solutions in this area consider both paste disposal for landfill and stabilized backfill to mine. Outotec backfill technology also handles traditional dry backfill solutions. Dry Stacking of tailings

No option to store water within a dry stack facility. A conventional tailings facility, designed to store water, can provide a mining operation with a buffer (e.g. storm water storage) to maintain operations during dry months of the year. Oxidation of sulphides in the tailings can create high concentrations (but low volume) of seepage water.

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CEC Mining Systems Corp. is an innovative Canadian manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment, specializing in ceramic disc-vacuum filtration systems and turn-key tailings dewatering projects.

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Typically mining backfill is a final treatment stage and takes place immediately after dewatering. A comprehensive mine tailings disposal installation for gold processing would include a dewatering plant followed by cyanide destruction and finally a backfill plant.

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The new paste backfill plant will be based on a unique process design, which allows flexibility to use continuously produced fresh tailings or store filter cake to meet the future backfill needs of the underground mining operation, Outotec said. The new facility is expected to have a capacity of 215 m³/h.