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Servo Hydraulic Shakers include features of low frequency, large force, and long stroke. Hydraulic shaker systems made by Premax cover basic vibration test, earthquake simulation test, road simulation test, packing and transportation test, and environmental stress screening.

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With more than 12 years of industrial application experiences, Premax is providing reliable and Innovative servo-hydraulic vibration shaker systems to hundreds of clients all over the world, including high-quality actuator, advanced servo-hydraulic and vibration controller, customized head expander and slip table, fixtures and other accessories.

shaker systems. These are typically used to perform mili- tary/aerospace testing up to 2000 Hz with a maximum dis- placement of I-inch (25 mm). In the middle are the electro- hydraulic shaker systems with virtually unlimited stroke capability and forces up to 80,000 lbs (36287 kg). These shaker systems appear to offer the most versatility for the

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Medium-force shaker. An air-cooled electrodynamic shaker used for vibration and mechanical shock testing of medium-to-large payloads up to 600 kg (1323 lb), such as automobile parts, rocket and satellite components, and electronic assemblies. It has a long stroke and peak force ratings of 35.6 kN (8000 lbf).

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More information about high frequency hydraulic shakers: 1.Some major difference between the high frequency hydraulic shaker (HFHS)actuator and normal hydraulic actuators: Rigidity is a big concern for HF actuator's parts (cylinder, base, and joint,etc), while for normal hydraulic actuators strength is the primary concern;

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Jun 25, 2019· Fatigue Testers (Electro Dynamic, Servo Hydraulic, Vibration) TESTING EQUIPMENT : FATIGUE TESTERS (Electro Dynamic, Servo Hydraulic, Vibration) There are 35 listings in this category Update: Tue, Jun 25, 2019 16 ... LTV Ling-Temco-Vought #A249, 30000 lb., vibration test sys., shaker, environmental elec. Sterling Machinery Exchange, South El ...

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The measured response may be fatigue life, resonant frequencies or simulation of real world environments for product qualification. For relatively low frequency and high displacement forcing, servohydraulic shakers are used. For higher frequency and lower displacement forcing electrodynamic shakers are used.

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Vibration Research designs and manufactures leading edge vibration control systems for electrodynamic and servohydraulic shakers, as well as portable dynamic signal analyzers. Since 1995, Vibration Research has become the leader and innovator in the field of vibration control.

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used. The joints are designed to allow the operating pre-load to be adjusted, so that backlash and associated noise. can be eliminated. With few maintenance the swivel joints and bearings used on INOVA multi axes shaking table has a longer service life than the non-adjustable bearings used in other table designs. • Nom. Load from 10 kN up to ...

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11 KIP MTS Servo Hydraulic Vibration Test System. EQUIPPED WITH: New Econ/Premax VT-6008 Servo & Vibration Controller for Sine, Shock and Random Vibration Control with Software and more! #12456-01A | Click for quote. ... 12 KIP Unholtz Dickie T1000-14 Vibration Shaker.

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For relatively low frequency forcing, servohydraulic (electrohydraulic) shakers are used. For higher frequencies, electrodynamic shakers are used. Generally, one or more "input" or "control" points located on the DUT-side of a fixture is kept at a specified acceleration.

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servohydraulic testing systems for static and dynamic tests MTS 810 & 858 Material Testing Systems. 2 MTS 810 & 858 Test Systems Meeting the Full Spectrum of Testing Needs Unmatched Accuracy An integral actuator design, stiff, low-mass crossheads, and special force transducers deliver superior

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Shaker, Hydraulic vertical vibration, exciter, 5" stroke, 30k servo hydraulic. $7,200.00. Buy It Now. This is a used Electronics vertical hydraulic shaker exciter used for vibration testing. The main components of this machine are the double acting hydraulic actuator, electro-hydraulic servo valve ...


CFM Schiller has years of experience in development, manufacture, and installation of test rig systems. Our product portfolio comprises - among other things – multi-axial shaker tables, tilting test rigs, and servo-hydraulic test rigs for the automotive industry.

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However, future experimental studies are required to validate this new test method in consideration of unmodeled uncertainties associated with material properties, servo-hydraulic parameters, and modeling of structural and servo- hydraulic shaker systems.

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Our vast inventory of used shakers comes from a number of OEMs, including Thermo Scientific, LabLine, IKA, Radleys, DPC, Vortex Valves, and others. Our inventory is constantly changing, but we offer a variety of used shakers including orbital shakers, micro plate shakers, vortexers, rotary shakers, platform shakers, heated shakers, and many more.

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Superior servohydraulic actuator control and response Precision-engineered MTS servovalves deliver the high-flow, quick-response and low-distortion performance required to give you absolute control over your hydraulic actuation, helping you uphold the highest levels of test data fidelity possible.

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1992 Team Corporation introduces the TFS-3000 T-Film Shaker, the first and only hydraulic shaker capable of 2,000 Hz performance. Based on the proven T-Film Slip Table, the TFS-3000 redefined the capabilities of hydraulic shakers. The TFS-3000's unique packaging provides the performance of an electrodynamic shaker in half the floor space.

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With more than 12 years of industrial application experiences, ECON is now providing HVS series servo-hydraulic shaker systems including high-quality actuator, advanced servo-hydraulic and vibration controller, customized head expander and slip table, fixtures and other accessories.